INK SPACE LTD. works with start ups, looking to find out the best way to bring their vision to life and we also work with renowned  brands, looking to infuse new life to how they present themselves to their stakeholders and clients. We offer flexibility and approach projects with our special brand of creativity that enables us to go beyond what was envisioned. 

Our services include everything from brand positioning and development of strategy through to digital design, web design and development, print, photography, signage and packaging. Our portfolio is rich with projects across a wide range of sectors including apparel, construction and retail among others.

Over the years we have nurtured an international network of talents  and independent specialists who we work with on each and every project. The diverse network allows us to be adaptable in our approach, customizing the best process for each client to meet or exceed their needs.

Our partners include photographers, web developers, programmers, copywriters and specialists and are made up of individuals who share a common value.

We look forward to helping you realise your vision. Get started, contact us today.